I can never say thank you enough to all the incredible people in my life that support me and the work I create. Between my friends, family, and my EXTRAORDINARY readers, I am truly blessed. The awards I have been honored with are just that…an absolute honor. Your reviews, votes, shares, likes, and countless kind words have brought me to tears. I’m only able to do what I do because of you and it is so important to me that you realize that. YOU are the people that make my stories possible, because every time you share my name you add to the notoriety needed to make this incredible passion a career. For that, there is not a strong enough word to describe my gratitude. It is an absolute joy and privilege to write for you and I hope to bring you many more stories.

Love and gratitude,


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2015 The Surrender Trilogy

 2015 Best of Bucks

Local Artist Lydia Michaels

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Skin {McCullough Mountain}



Skin {McCullough Mountain}

2014 Rone Awards Best Contemporary Romance Finalist


Simple Man

2014 Rone Awards Best New Adult Finalist




Breaking Perfect

top bite

The Order of Vampyres

Thank you.



 Did you know?

Lydia started writing in 2008. It was something she never expected to do for a living, but what she absolutely was meant to do. White Chocolate was the first romance novel she ever wrote. Called to Order was the first of her stories to get published. She wrote Called to Order the same time she wrote Sacred Waters. Simple Man was written faster than all her other books, completed from beginning to end in less than 7 days. La Vie en Rose is Lydia’s “pride and joy” book, because it pushed her limits and Riley, the hero is inspired by her husband, Mike. She claims having “him” in the story kept her courageous enough to write such an emotional novel. Skin is her second favorite story, because Mallory resembles her more than any other character. Her favorite character is Evelyn “Scout” Keats from The Surrender Trilogy, because she is a compilation of herself and her husband. Scout is incredibly strong and loving. Her illiteracy was inspired by Lydia’s struggle with dyslexia. She wrote Falling In (Originally called HEROINe) in June of 2012, less than one year after her first book was contracted. When Lydia started writing, she couldn’t spell beyond a fourth grade reading level, but she had stories to tell so she taught herself everything she needed to know in order to survive and go after what she loved…just like Scout. As a girl who couldn’t spell simple words while growing up, she claims it is, “Surreal. S-U-R-R-E-A-L to be the author of 19 books, many of them bestsellers.” 

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