Calling for a Miracle

Isolated in the quiet hills of Pennsylvania is an Amish order unlike any Calling for a miracleother—they are Vampyre.


[pullquote-left]”Her [Lydia Michaels’] pacing is fluid and her descriptions are poetry in motion. From the moment you begin to read you are sucked into her world, and never let go until the very end. Her knack for mixing modern with old world is impressive and interesting.  I’ve never seen vampires done this way, and with every new story it just keeps getting better! ~The TBR Pile[/pullquote-left]After fleeing her oppressive marriage, Larissa Hartzler will give herself to no man, but Bishop Eleazar King has other plans. Eleazar is appalled when he discovers the always dutiful Larissa working in an English house of sin.   
As the most respected immortal of The Order, Eleazar has always maintained unwavering control, but everythingBUY changes once he is called.  His long standing position of authority is threatened when his need for his mate takes hold. There is nothing that will keep him from possessing the virginal Larissa as his mate.  Not even her husband.Larissa’s fear of being found by Bishop King transforms into confusion when she learns he is her mate.  Five times his minor and broken on so many emotional levels, Larissa knows she will be an inadequate mate for Eleazar. With gentle patience he begins to teach her what her husband never did, and slowly awakens Larissa’s desires. 

Live with Lydia…

Reader: “Which series do you think has the best plot?”
Lydia: “That’a a loaded question! In the end, I’d have to say it’s  The Order of Vampyres. This was my first series, so it came out before readers really knew who I was or what my voice read like. Because more readers follow my newer work, I don’t have a lot of time left over for my vampyres, but when I do revisit them, I recall why I love them. I wish more readers would discover them because they really are incredible characters. I’m a huge fan of vamp culture and[pullquote-right]”Do yourself a favor pick up this series, it is absolutely wonderful!” ~Bitten by Romance[/pullquote-right]I’m mesmerized by Amish traditions, blending the two just makes sense once you read Called to Order. The plot is mind blowing. Even I’ve had moments when  I sit back in shock, unable to believe what just happened. It’s definitely an adventure. I tell everyone The Order of Vampyres MUST be read in order, because the plot is that intricate and twisted. It’s an evolution, a progression of intense events that transports you to a secret society and leaves us seeing what was always labeled “simplistic” as something quite complicated and provocative.”
Reader: “Presently, there are four books in the series. Will you be writing more?”

Lydia: “Absolutely! Those that follow the series have begged for more and I intend to deliver.  As of this moment, I know there will be two more books. If the series grows in popularity I’d, of course, continue with it. There are 72 characters in The Order of Vampyres, so there is plenty to write. My goal, when I started that series, was to write a book for all the characters connected to the Hartzler family. I can’t put the series to bed until that’s happened. I hope to see more from this series in 2016.”

~Readers Conference 2014


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