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TRANSPARENT graphic design logoAll covers have been designed by Lydia Michaels, but various authors are listed. Please note, these covers are a collection of sample designs Lydia has created and in no way link Lydia to the content of other authors’ work. Lydia Michaels has also designed several of her own covers, which are included in this collection. Covers are custom designed to meet each author’s needs. She also offers “ready made” covers.

Pricing and Packaging Options Listed Below.



Ready Made Covers $25

Cover Portfolio

(Previously Sold & No longer Available)

Pricing & Packaging


Package One | Author Supplied Image | $35

Author supplies the character image for this option (under US copyright law). Design includes layout, font options, and background image according to authors description of setting.*

Package Two | Single Image Character(s) | $70

Author will supply a detailed description of characters he or she wishes to be featured on the cover. A watermarked image of the “character” will be sent to the author for his or her approval prior to the design stage. Once the “character” is approved, the artist will purchase the image (under US copyright law) and design the eBook cover using other images for background.*

Package Three | Multiple Image Covers | $100 – up

Author will supply a detailed description of characters and setting he or she wishes to be featured on the cover. A watermarked image of the “character” will be sent to the author for his or her approval prior to the design stage. Once the “characters” and setting are approved, the artist will purchase the images (under US copyright law)** and design the eBook cover. Price fluctuates depending on cost of images, but nothing is finalized without the authors approval.*

Package Four | Series Package | $60 per cover

When an author writes a series of over 3 books, this package is a great way to save and brand the series with a similar look. All character images will be pre-approved by the author. Once the character image is approved, all covers will be designed and sent to the author for final approval.**

Package Five | Author Special | $ Varies

This package is for the extra particular author who has an exact image in their head and wants what they want. (Don’t worry, Lydia is the same way about her books.) The author and artist will discuss the book’s needs and negotiate pricing before any work is started. This package works well for everyone and allows authors to have control over their budget. If you are a new author and on a tight budget, this is a great option. It’s also a great option for seasoned authors who want to obtain the complete copyright of an image.

*Please note, all payments are due upfront via PayPal. Authors will be given 24 hours to request changes. The artist is not expected to hold files for longer than a week once a job is complete. If a client is unhappy with the first draft, they will be give the artist feedback and be provided a second draft. If the client is unsatisfied with the cover after 3 drafts, they will get a 50% refund (minus the cost of images purchased) and all cover drafts will be destroyed.

**Due to time spent searching for images and fluctuating prices, a deposit is due upfront and the balance is due when cover is complete. No art will be purchased unless the author approves. If the artist cannot find the requested artwork within assigned timeframe, an 80% refund will be given.

Please contact Lydia to discuss your book and she will work within your budget to find you the cover you need. Lydia@LydiaMichaelsBooks.com

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