East Coast (8)Should I read your books in order?

This is, of course, up to each individual reader. Many have enjoyed books that belong to a series as a stand alone. I, personally, do not like to read any author’s work out of its intended order so I usually suggest readers follow the sequence (see below). I strongly recommend that The Order of Vampyres and The Surrender Trilogy are read in order, as each story connects to the last. The McCullough Mountain books can be read as stand alone, but there is a chronological order to the series.”

Are you planning to write more vampyre books?

Yes! I’m very excited to continue The Order of Vampyres Series. It is a challenge deciding what to write, but I promise I have not forgotten about my vamp fans. In 2017 the first edition Order of Vampyre books will be rewritten (since they were my first novels) and republished. The series is far from over!”

Will there be more McCullough Mountain Books?

LOL the McCulloughs refuse to leave quietly, so I’ve decided to keep them around indefinitely. September 2016, Kate’s book, How to Love Her, will be released. There will also be a special collector’s edition box set available for McCullough fans. As far as spin offs… I’m not sure whose story I’ll write next, but revisiting the mountain is like a vacation for my muse, and I’m sure I’ll go back again.”

Do you expect any spinoffs from The Surrender Trilogy?

A spin off has been written! The title is Queen of the Knight, and I’ve not released any details about the story yet, as far as whose book it is. I will say Lucian and Scout are both in the book and we get a peek at Lucian as a young boy as well as some news about his future. I will know more about the schedule for this book by the end of 2016.”

What’s next?

I’m currently writing several stories. Untied, the sequel to Blind, is in the works and I absolutely love Elliot! I’ve recently written the first two books of a trilogy called Calamity Rayne and that should come out in 2017. I’m also working on a project with the talented Allyson Young. The project is called Degrees of Separation and it’s a MMF series with some intense emotions. I have some other new books in the mix as well, but the ones I just listed are what you can expect next.”

How do I get Lydia to visit my venue?

I would love to visit you! If you have a venue in mind, belong to a book club that has read my work, or would like to host an author event, please fill out a contact form with a request and your contact information and someone from my team will be in touch with you soon! I look forward to meeting you!”

Do you have any advice for writers just starting out?

Write! Then Write some more. When your finished with that, walk away, do something else, and the writing will pull you back. At that point you should, again, write. Step one of being a writer is writing. Step two is erasing. Share your work with critiques and listen to every bit of advice the give. Yes, it will hurt, but to be a successful writer, you must sweat into your manuscript, cry real tears for your characters, and edit in a way that makes your work bleed. Oh, and read everything you can–fiction in the genre you’re writing and nonfiction based on marketing and promotional strategies, because authors wear many hats. Welcome to the club. You’re going to love it!”

How long does it take you to write a book? 

It varies depending on the demands of my life.  I try to dedicate 40 hours a week to my work, but it can range from 20-100. I tend to knock out about 6,000 words per day. I can write a novel in 10 days…editing’s the hard part.  I usually write in 30,000 word chunks. Then I walk away for a few days and come back to it like one does a freshly painted room.  All in all, I’d say I need 100 days to complete a novel I’m proud of.  Life dictates how close together those days are.”

Who do you admire?

Steve Jobs 
Walt Disney 
Martin Luther King Jr.
George Fox 
Bella Andre 
Lori Foster
Anyone who sticks to their dreams and believes life can always be better…

Where can I buy your books in print?

My books are available through all major retailers, but that doesn’t mean they are stocked on shelves at all times. The Surrender Trilogy is mass market, which means you can find it on shelves at Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart, Books a Million, and other major book sellers. All major retailers can obtain print copies of my other titles on demand, but readers usually have to ask for a specific author.  Talk to the people at your bookstore. They want to accommodate their readers, but if you don’t ask, they don’t know. Indie bookstores will also order requested titles. In the publishing world, I’m still a baby (first pubbed in 2012), so please don’t be afraid to ask your local retailer to carry a selection of my books. The more readers become familiar with my work, the easier future-titles will be to find. And keep in mind, all of my titles are available in print and can be ordered online at any time. To order your print copies click here!

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