2013_RONE_HM-300Book 2 in the McCullough Mountain series

When Finnegan McCullough gets a flat tire he bumps into a woman he’s never seen

before. After a stern lecture on trespassing, he offers her a ride and a friendship takes shape. Mallory Fenton is unlike any girl he’s ever met. She’s funny, sexy as hell, and sweet as pie, but she doesn’t see herself that way.

After literally crashing into Finnegan McCullough, Mallory is a hot, tongue-tied, mess. A true lumberjack, he wears his flannel well and possesses the sexiest smile she’s ever had thrown her way. Unfortunately, men like that don’t look at girls like her. When Finn confesses his desire to be more than friends, Mallory is shocked. After years of being the ‘fat girl’ she knows better than to believe a man like Finn could ever find her attractive. But she’s gotten under his skin and Finn is determined to show Mallory how beautiful she truly is.
 A realistic and heartwarming romance that proves love and beauty come in all shapes and sizes.

SKIN was featured in USA TODAY and nominated for Best Contemporary Romance at the 2014 RONE Awards. It won Honorable

[pullquote-left] “As a woman of size myself, I connected with Mallory immediately and relived several embarrassing and cruel situations I dealt with as a younger girl and even still deal with today. I cannot express how strong this story is and how much I loved reading it. Lydia Michaels ALWAYS has a way of dealing with real life issues in a beautiful way.” ~Author Gayle Donnelly[/pullquote-left]




[pullquote-right] “I cannot tell you how many times I thought “I have thought the same thing” or had the exact same moments she had.” ~Amazon Reviewer Honey R.[/pullquote-right]






Book Trailer for SKIN

I have never related to a book character like I have Mallory. Skin is a peek into a woman’s deepest insecurities. Ms. Michaels has written an uplifting story about the importance of loving yourself.” ~Amazon Reviewer Amy B.




[pullquote-left]”Mallory is EVERY woman. No matter your age or size, the reader will identify with her insecurities and her struggles to stop listening to her negative inner dialog.” ~Amazon Reviewer Lisa C.[/pullquote-left]


[pullquote-right]”This book is for every girl/woman who has been ignored, teased or felt bad about themselves. It is a soul searching book and I loved it.” ~Amazon Reviewer Pauline C.[/pullquote-right]

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